Where can i submit a new portal in ingress 2018

Feby 21, 2020
where can i submit a new portal in ingress 2018

where can i submit a new portal in ingress 2018

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 · Hitting Level 10 in Ingress! This Means I Can Submit Portals To Create New PokéStops 😃😄 👍🏼 ... 2018. Game Ingress; 2012; Category ... Why do my Ingress portal submissions get declined ...

Have no fear, we have you covered with how creating a portal and portal submissions work in Ingress! As of September 2015 there is a temporary suspension on new portal submissions while they continue to process and evaluate the backlog of current submissions. You will no longer see the NEW PORTAL option when long pressing on the Scanner.

 · This is a guide on how to make your ingress portals A LOT more likely to get approved in the Ingress OPR system as it hightlights the biggest problems the judges have when deciding a good portal ...

Although it is not directly possible to request a new PokeStop, it is possible to get a new PokeStop in your area by using the Open Portal Recon (OPR) tool, available to Ingress players. OPR is a tool designed to enable high level Ingress players to review new Portals (Points of Interest) submissions and add them to …

Trainers, Ingress portal submissions have finally been reopened, roughly 15 minutes ago! It seems that Agents level 11 and up can submit portals worldwide, no mention of lower levels yet. The submission limit is 7 portals, down from original 10. We have confirmed this in Croatia, by Rdash123, our local Ingress mastermind. A very exciting […]

Portal submission level requirement. Hey guys, I moved a little bit outside the city and there is absolutely nothing, but there is some cool stuff around which can turn into a portal. So I want to submit it. I am from Pokemon Go (yes yes i know...) but I'm already level 5 in ingress. What's the min level to submit new portals? (I've already ...

Steps to submit a new Portal: 1) Make sure your GPS on camera app is enabled ( Open Camera > Settings > Store location >ON ) 2) Snap a photo with your Android phone with the standard camera app. 3) Select the Share option for the photo. 4) Share to NIA Super Ops (with the Ingress logo) 5) Enter a proposed title for the Portal and touch OK.

The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in Ingress - a global game of mystery, intrigue and conquest.

 · May 2015, a sad time for Ingress Agents as the ability to submit new Portals was removed.. The portal submission queue was rising to unmanageable heights as there was a Medal incentive to shotgun as many submissions as possible (Medals can also count toward level requirements after all).. Nov 2016, Operation Portal Recon is announced and Niantic invites high level Ingress Agents to help …

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